Relationship Readiness VIP Coaching

There are times when you might need the intensity and rocket-launching support of private coaching. I know that I needed it, when I was beginning to unravel the mess that I called my love life. In this unique individual program, you will:

  1. Understand the 10 principles of Conscious Dating ®, the 3 stages of love and assess your relationship readiness
  2. Identify & eliminate your Top Limiting Beliefs and retrain your Inner Critic
  3. Discover what you want to be, do & have in a relationship
  4. Visualize your perfect day in your ideal relationship
  5. Identify your Values, Life Purpose & your Life Vision
  6. Identify your wants / needs / requirements
  7. Identify your personality traits & the personality traits of your ideal partner
  8. Identify your core relationship competencies & those that need work
  9. Learn what you need to do to support Your Relationship Requirements
  10. Finalize your Relationship Criteria
  11. Create a self-profile, relationship pattern profile, and create goals for living your vision
  12. Create your Empowered Dating Plan

Featuring:  Thirteen 45-minute Teleconference Sessions with homework and exercises to be completed between sessions, unlimited email support and pre-program check in session with me by phone. Dates and Times at Your Convenience.  To enroll, click here.


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