Empowered Dating Workshops

couple walking on beachThe following experiential, in-person workshops and events are designed to help you take your dating and relationships to warp speed, to help you attract and keep the extraordinary. Please check out my Calendar page or subscribe to my newsletter to learn what’s coming up next, and how to enroll.

* Empowered Mini-Dating & Mingling Events : Speed Dating with an intelligent twist. To make these events more fun, and more productive, we’re mixing in some structured ice-breaker games designed to help you have more engaging conversations. Practice all the skills & wisdom you’ve learned via my webinars and workshops to add even more zing to your experiences!   … 2 hours

* The Secrets to Online Dating Success – Learn to avoid the top 5 pitfalls of internet dating; find out how to apply your “Architect” mindset to maximize your experiences and eliminate feelings of rejection; discover the 10 Tips for creating a winning profile; critique profiles & brainstorm on how to make them more engaging; become skilled at sorting, screening and testing internet dates; identify important safety tips (for your profile and when meeting an online date); practice crafting intriguing opening emails to stimulate interest.     …  2 hours

* Relationship Readiness Intensive: An innovative, 1-day intensive approach to help you achieve your relationship goals, featuring clear, proven strategies and steps to ensure your success. You’ll:
» Identify and Envision the Relationship You Desire
» Boost your self-confidence & self-esteem
» Embrace a Mindful Approach to Dating
» Learn Solid Tools and Strategies to be the Architect of Your Outcomes
» Make Your Vision A Reality With Inspired Action
» Develop an Empowered Dating Plan

* Attract the Love of Your Life Intensive : After completing the Readiness intensive, you’re now ready to magnetize the love of your life. In this 1-day intensive, you’ll get the tools, information and support needed to put into practice what you have learned about yourself, and you will develop your personal Attraction Plan so you can find the love you deserve. You’ll:
» Expand & leverage your social network to maximize your exposure
» Define your most appropriate venues where you can meet potential partners
» Assess your relationship skills and identify any that require improvement
» Improve your relationship skills
» Develop strategies to screen potential partners for compatibility
» Avoid dating minefields


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