Empowered Dating Webinars

winter beachTo help you find and keep the extraordinary, I’m hosting a series of webinars on the first Tuesday of every month. Please check out my Calendar page to find out what’s coming up next, and how to enroll.

* 10 Steps to Finding Your Soul Mate in 2014 : Let this be the year that you find lasting love! Discover ten steps for finding your life partner; take the triangle test to determine if you’re ready for true love, learn how to magnetize your perfect partner, learn how and when to say no to what’s not right for you; find out where to find compatible partners, and much more.

* How to “Feel the Love” on Valentine’s Day : Make this Valentine’s Day sparkle by using it as an opportunity to commit to attracting the extraordinary. In this webinar, I’ll help you identify what it is that you really want to achieve in 2014 and we’ll lay the foundations of how to achieve it.

* Self-Discovery: the First Step in Attracting the Extraordinary : Your opportunity to get to know your true self and your needs so you can attract the life-long partnership that is right for you!

* Empowered Dating for Introverts : Discover common myths about introversion and its difference from shyness; learn how to harness your strengths; discover (and lean on) your values to guide your choices and actions; learn how to use your support network for greater success.

* Living a Life You Love – the Second Step in Attracting the Extraordinary : What makes your heart sing? Develop an action plan to live an extraordinary life so that you can attract the extraordinary.

* Stop Shooting Yourself in the Foot (Breakthrough Your Sabotaging Patterns) : Uncover the sabotaging stories you tell yourself about dating and relationships and how they translate into beliefs and behaviors that undermine your chances of finding a powerful relationship.

* How to Avoid 14 Common (yet devastating) Dating Traps : Strategies and tactics to help you identify where you repeatedly get stuck, and how to free yourself.

* Be the Chooser – a new paradigm for attracting the extraordinary: Learn how to take responsibility for the outcomes in your life by becoming The Chooser or the Architect rather than playing it safe and limiting yourself to only what’s in front of you. You are in charge of creating what you want in life.

* Where to Find Your Soul Mate : Basic strategies for finding your perfect relationship.

* Advanced Strategies for Finding Your Soul Mate  :

* Secrets to Empowered Online Dating :

* Your Ideal Relationship: What do you want, need, require? : Identify and articulate your Top 6 requirements – the things you must experience for a relationship to be happy, healthy. Learn to differentiate them from what you need in a relationship – and what you want in a relationship.


* Finding Your Happily Ever After : Create a clear vision of what a perfect day with your ideal partner looks like; identify dating strategies that work for you, and those to avoid, so you can finally find your true love.

* 5 Essential Principles for Dating Bliss : The foundations to a dating strategy that increases your ability to attract the right relationship for you.

* Are You Ready for Love? : Empowered Dating is a 2-step process. Step one is all about getting ready! Unless you are truly ready, you won’t be able to attract your ideal partner, which is step two. Here you will identify and learn how to clear all the obstacles that get in the way of finding and keeping an empowered relationship of your life.

* Identify Your Life Vision to Attract the Extraordinary : Your life vision is the key to your future happiness. Learn why most people aren’t aware of their life vision and the disturbing consequences of that, why self-prioritization is your compass to leading a fulfilled life, and the five-step process that will help you connect goals – plus much more.

* Practical Strategies for the First 3 Dates :

* Finding Love After 50 :

* The Power of Trust & Vulnerability in Relationships:

* Be a Successful Single:

* Your Blueprint for Dating Success :

* How to Develop a Positive Mindset : Positivity is the single most attractive character trait. Here’s how to be authentically positive, and avoid the veneer effect.


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