Become Successfully Single

Learn How to Love Your Life

6 speaking_of_joyMany people view being “single” as an affliction and that the only way to count in the world is to be in relationship. How many times have you thought there must be something wrong with you, or felt shame, because you’re not in a relationship? If that’s you, you’re not alone – many unknowingly subscribe to a myth that if only they were in a relationship, they would be happy and complete.

As a single, if you are not happy with your life or yourself, a relationship will not fix that. Many people sign up for my Relationship Readiness home study course or work with me one on one because they don’t want to be single anymore. Often, they send in their applications out of desperation and fear. They hope that by the end of the course, they will have met the love of their lives. However, after one or two sessions, many quickly realize that their job right now is to pursue their dreams, that being single is an opportunity to enjoy their current life while preparing themselves for future success.

My “Successfully Single” programs are for you if you’re Single by Choice or Single and Stuck:
> You understand the power and magnetism of leading a life you love;
> You’re consistently getting the same results in your life and feel frustrated or discontent because you can’t see the future outside of your current situation;
> You’re not quite sure what you want in life – or if you do, you’re not sure how to get there; and/or
> You’re ready to put all the pieces in place: to have a career you love, be more financially stable, become healthier in your mind, body & spirit, and have a joyful social life.

By working with me, you will uncover your deepest yearnings, and articulate your vision for your life and what impact you long to have on the world around you – together, we will work to build a temple dedicated you. “Successfully Single” Coaching invites you to take action that reflects your power, creativity and authenticity. Through these programs, you will cultivate awareness and tap your inner wisdom, to let go of trying to be in control, access your intuition and trust in your own self and the world around you. The process takes you deep into your heart and out into the world and provides support and guidance as you undergo a change process toward greater effectiveness and fulfillment. We work together from a resourceful point of view – collaborating as partners to explore opportunities and identify resources to create an exciting future based on awareness and action.

Specifically, you will learn to:

  • Embrace your true self and allow you to come out and play
  • Create a vision for the temple of your life
  • Overcome obstacles and generate compelling goals, strategies and action plans that you’re passionate about
  • Enhance the skills, resources and creativity you already have – and bridge the gap between skills you long to develop
  • Identify your needs and core values
  • Bring your inner and outer worlds into alignment
  • Build capacity, expand possibilities and achieve greater fulfillment and success while staying on track with your objectives

To learn more about my “Successfully Single” home study program, click here.
To learn more about my “Successfully Single” private VIP coaching program, click here.

If you’ve ever wanted to celebrate your lifeto live in full alignment with who you are and what you loveallow me to help you. Enroll today!


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