Empowered Reinforcement

 Reinforcement Coaching Programs for Singles

Fired up and ready to go!

Fired up and ready to go!

You’ve done the work in my Successfully Single & Relationship Readiness (level one) coaching programs as well as the Attract the Love of Your Life program (level two) – now you’re in action: scouting, sorting, and testing dates to find the love of your life or maybe by now you’ve met someone special and you’re in an exclusive, pre-committed relationship! It can be exciting as you move confidently toward the realization of your dreams … it perhaps can even a bit challenging to maintain the level of aptitude and awareness you’ve developed over the past several months of coaching with me. That’s why I created exclusive Reinforcement programs, available ONLY to graduates of my Empowered Dating & Relationship programs.

The purpose of Empowered Reinforcement Coaching for Singles is to provide a supportive environment in which to practice empowered dating skills and to expand upon your learning as you experience real world dating and achieve your goal. Specifically, you will:

  • Reinforce your ability to communicate effectively
  • Facilitate your learning and results
  • Manage progress and accountability
  • Receive additional support through the change process
  • Challenge yourself to stretch even farther beyond your self-imposed limits

To suit your style, I offer:

Ongoing VIP Reinforcement Coaching (to be held as frequently as you need)
Empowered Reinforcement Group Coaching (more details to come)

To find out more, please email me by clicking here. Congratulations! You are on your way to finding the love of your life!

Empowered Mini-Dating & Mix ‘n Mingles

speeddatingBusy? Daunted by the prospect of thumbing through countless profiles on Plenty of Fish or Match.com? Want to meet new people while also avoiding awkward or boring conversations? Want to increase your dating skills, to become savvier at finding and attracting your life partner?

Dating is stressful—it takes us out of comfort zone and throws us into a situation with a new person. We don’t know how the date will go, what the topics of conversation will be, and how the date will end (Breakfast? Cold shower? Restraining order?). These factors introduce high levels of uncertainty, and a large majority of us do not like uncertainty.

That’s why I’ve introduced Empowered Mini-Dating and Mix ‘n Mingles. Empowered Speed Dating is organized around themes that are fun and informative, so that you’re not only meeting potential partners, you’re also learning and practicing key dating skills. Check out my Calendar page to find out when the next event is and learn how to enroll.
®, Relationship Coaching Institute, of which I am a proud member


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