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Teleseminar: Boost Your Attractor Factor By Expanding Your Support Network – August 5th: https://build-community.eventbrite.com – This teleseminar, part of my Empowered Dating monthly series, will teach you why loneliness can hurt you, how to break out of isolation, how to assess your current support network, how to meet potential new friends and create a network (especially if you’re an introvert), how to connect authentically with your support network and how to leverage your community to help you find a partner.

Good friends make a life worth celebrating.

Good friends make a life worth celebrating.

Live Event: Create Your Happy Ever After Empowered Singles Circles – August 6th: https://create-your-happy-circle1.eventbrite.com – My new Empowered Singles Circles ­– this one is in Keyport, NJ – will help you Create Your Happy Ever After. These live events are designed to help you create trust and develop close personal relationships, give and receive the support you need to achieve your dreams, release sabotaging beliefs in a sacred, safe space, discover and practice the principles of empowered living and transform old, destructive patterns of the past.

Live Event: Create Your Happy Ever After Empowered Singles Circles -August 20th:https://create-your-happy2.eventbrite.com – For those who can’t make it on August 6th, I’ve scheduled a second circle to be held in Manasquan, NJ. Again, these circles are all about creating a wave of positive energy to help you move to your highest level of joy and success in all areas of your life so that you can become Successfully Single and love your life. These powerful Empowered Singles Circles were created to give you the training and support necessary to move your life to new levels of success in all areas. Working on yourself and loving your life, as an Empowered Single, requires discipline and a support system. We must remain consistent and focused to experience long-term changes in life. Receive the support and positive energy to help you right here.

I hope you can join me for these upcoming events!

> Relationship Readiness Home Study Program

Take Charge of Your Love Life and Find Your Soul Mate!

Are you tired of relationships that don’t work and bring heartbreak? Have you given up hope of ever finding your soul mate? Are you ready to try a proven, step-by-step method for finding the partner of your dreams? Are you ready to live a life you love so you can find your perfect match?

MIDDLE-AGE couple on bedWe all want and deserve an amazing life and a nourishing love relationship, yet in today’s world finding someone to have a great relationship with is harder than it has ever been. Even with an increasing number of ways to connect it is more and more difficult to make a real connection. Most singles waste precious time and energy on people who just aren’t a good fit for them. What’s missing for most singles is understanding the secrets for easily, effectively, and efficiently attracting the partner who’s right for you.

That’s what you really want, isn’t it? A simple, step-by-step method to help you focus on and find the partner of your dreams!

Introducing the Relationship Readiness Virtual Coaching Program

The Relationship Readiness Virtual Coaching Program, a home study course done at your own pace, is an innovative approach to helping singles achieve this most important relationship goal. With all the self- help books for singles, dating “gurus,” and advice from well-meaning friends, dating and finding a partner should be easy. The truth is, and you probably agree, based on your own experience, most singles have a hard time finding lasting love. You need clear, proven strategies and steps to ensure your success. That’s what the Relationship Readiness program provides.

To Register:https://relationhip-readiness-homestudy3.eventbrite.com

Here’s exactly what you can expect from the Relationship Readiness Virtual Coaching Program:

»Module 1: Adopt a New View of Dating
» Module 2: Discover the Relationship You Desire
» Module 3: Uncover What You Really Want In A Relationship
» Module 4: Embrace a Mindful Approach to Dating
» Module 5: Make Your Vision A Reality With Conscious Action
» Module 6: Stay in the Game

What ‘s included:
– Easy-to-follow, step by step exercises
– Optional bonus exercises for further development if desired
– 6 Month access to the program to help keep you on track with your goal of finding a life partner.
– Assessment tools & Dating Red Flags Checklist
– 2 Free private coaching session (pre- and post-program)
– Unlimited Email Support

If you’ve ever been disappointed in love and don’t want to repeat the mistakes of the past, you need this program!

» Proven and tested over the past 15 years with thousands of singles just like you
» Comprehensive, innovative, leading-edge online virtual coaching program
» Based on my training with the Relationship Coaching Institute, the first and largest international relationship coach training organization

After years of making countless dating and relationship mistakes, and feeling like an absolute failure,this process worked for me and I know it will work for you. As your coach, I’m absolutely committed to your relationship success and fulfillment.  Join my Relationship Readiness Virtual Coaching Program and let me help you find the love of your life and the life that you love!

PS: If you’re reading this far down this page you are most likely VERY interested in this program and I really want to help you to find the love of your life. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Register and begin your new life now!



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  2. Hi Linda! I met you at Marsha M’s book reading, and just graduated from CFT. As I mentioned that evening, I’m interested in your events. I tried to register for the Sept. 15th event, and could not find it at the link provided in your write-up about it on your website. Would you let me know how to proceed? Thanks!

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