Become an Enlightened “All Star”

A New Program for those of you living in New Jersey

I’m excited to announce that I have teamed up with Cassie’s Calendar and the “Single & Looking in NJ” meet up group (here) to create an exclusive league of “Enlightened Daters”. Every member who attends my programs, workshops and webinars* will earn a place in a special section of the meet up group with notes about what workshops and events they participated in. I love this!

The Key To Being Lucky In Love. Welcome to a new paradigm.

The Key To Being Lucky In Love. Welcome to a new paradigm.

This is exactly what I dream of building through my programs – a nation of savvy and educated relationship All Stars, who have stepped into their power, who have eliminated victim mentality, who know and like themselves, who are confident in their experiences, who are flourishing, vital, and abundant. And to further build this community of Enlightened Daters, I am going to create special programming just for these All Stars – so stay tuned for more details.
I am so thrilled — I know that in my own dating experiences, it would be crazy helpful to know in advance who wants to live the best life they can, and who recognizes the wisdom of Proper Preparation. It will make the process of meeting people and evaluating mutual values so much easier — as opposed to the current method, which involves a lot of blundering about in the dark as people attempt to get to know each other.

I have said this time and time again: a key to making good relationship choices comes down to proper preparation, to set aside our natural tendency for laziness, to get off the path of least resistance, and to make the effort to “do the work”. And as Ben Franklin said, an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

Now we’re moving into a place where you can reap the rewards of your investment. Check out my Attend page (here) for more details on upcoming events!

* Full disclosure: this only applies to the workshops and events I host that require a registration fee — to signify how fully invested participants are in their lives and happiness.


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